Magnesium Oil Spray

With lavender, bergamot and clary sage essential oils

Calming and relaxing effect. Facilitates falling asleep and having a deep, restful sleep. Very suitable for massage.

Essential oils (bergamot, lavender and clary sage oils) together with magnesium calm nervous system, relax the body and improve sleep.

Good for sleep
Good for massage
Fast absorption
Long lasting
No more deficiency
Easy to use spray
Smells good

Concentrated solution (29%) of the purest magnesium in the world – Zechstein magnesium chloride.

Grape seed oil: Helps to improve immune system and strengthen cells.

Bergamot oil: Calming effect, decreases fears and sleep problems.

Lavender oil: Balances central nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety.

Clary sage oil: Good for nerves, relieves muscle tensions.

Spray 10 times on feet or shoulders, and massage in, preferably after a shower on moist skin, before bedtime.

May create a tingling sensation, when the body has magnesium deficiency or when applied on an injured skin.

Shake before use.

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